Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa in Pisa

It is called Torre Pendente or Torre di Pisa , but in reality it has never served for the defense of the city; it is only a part of the religious complex of Piazza del Duomo and, in particular, it is the bell tower. He played an active role in the scanning of time, human and divine, through his seven bells - as many as the musical notes - the largest of which, merged in 1655, weighs three and a half tons! It is known throughout the world for the beauty of its architectural structure, for the unique slope that makes it a true miracle of static and for the fact that it is in the context of the famous Piazza dei Miracoli , which is definitely the jewel. [...] this William, according to what is said, the year 1174, together with Bonanno, sculptor, founded in Pisa the bell tower of the Duomo. Not having these two architects much practice of founding in Pisa, [...] before they were in the middle of that factory, she bowed to one side, so that the bell tower hangs six and a half arms out of her right [...]. Thus, in his treatise The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects , Giorgio Vasari in the sixteenth century clarifies the causes of the " dark evil " that hit the bell tower shortly after the foundation.

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