Local Services in Italy

Milan is definitely the city with the highest number of shops in Italy. Whether you’re into fashion, design, food or technology, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. The most renowned area for shopping is between Piazza San Babila and Piazza Duomo. The most famous streets in this area include Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone. There are plenty of boutiques selling exclusive Italian and foreign fashion labels, as well as popular chains like H&M and Zara.

Other interesting things in Italy is the city’s local services like taxi services, health and medical clinics, police departments, fire station, dental services, laundry services, plumbing, electrical services and many more local services that make the life of tourists and locals alike in case they need these services.

Education in Italy is free and mandatory from ages six to sixteen, and consists of five stages: kindergarten, primary school, lower secondary school, upper secondary school and university. The Italian state runs a universal public healthcare system since 1978. However, healthcare is provided to all citizens and residents by a mixed public-private system. The public part is the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale, which is organised under the Ministry of Health and administered on a devolved regional basis. Healthcare spending in Italy accounted for 9.2% of the national GDP in 2012, very close the OECD countries' average of 9.3%. Italy in 2000 ranked as having the world's 2nd best healthcare system,and the world's 2nd best healthcare performance. In Italy you can find other helpful local services like dentists, shopping malls and car rentals.

Shopping in Italy


Located in Lombardy in Northern Italy, Milan is the country’s financial and fashion capital. It’s a sophisticated metropolis, a city with a forward-looking attitude that never forgets its past glories.
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Car Rentals in Italy

Car Rentals

Pick up a car rental in Italy and enjoy the freedom to explore all of the country's most magical monuments, mountains, beaches and cities. Home to some of Europe's most treasured works of art...
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Dental Clinics in Italy

Dental Clinics

Dentists in Italy are skilled in their profession, have great expertise and good facilities. Cheap dentist in Italy is everywhere, and to find the top one in your area, you need to ask all of questions...
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